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166 - Freight and Logistics

Launched in 2012 with several trucks, the 166 Freight and Logistics brand is now one of the country's leading companies in the field of freight and logistics. Cargo transportation is not limited to domestic borders, but also in the international arena.

Our 166 hotline receives calls from anywhere in the country 7/24 in order to always be at the service of our customers and provide prompt service.

Our service areas continue to expand in order to make our services convenient and accessible to our customers. Although our company started operating in the field of cargo transportation, at present it provides its customers with various complex services - cargo transportation, logistics, towing, manpower, master, warehouse, cleaning and carpet washing services.

We work with affordable prices and service concepts for each region to make our services more accessible.

It is very important for us to measure the quality of each service operating under the 166 brand. To this end, we regularly study the opinions of our customers on the services provided, and constantly improve the quality of service based on their suggestions and comments. (ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management Standard)

"166 Cargo and Logistics - We carry your cargo"

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